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    • "I worked with Tijana on two projects this year and plan to use her services in coming years. Tijana is an extremely creative and skilled individual, and her insight into strategic branding and implementation is outstanding. She helped optimize our email marketing as well as our website, and I couldn’t be happier with the result."

      Amelia Smith-Fazio PR Director, Fabrefaction
    • "I have had the pleasure of working with Tijana Lehtikoski for approximately 8 years. Many capital equipment sales leads have been created based upon her work which ultimately led to large sales for the company. As you will see the excitement she generates from her work will be inspiration for other employees and you will find she will be a great asset to your organization."

      Ed Rockstroh Manager, Metso Automation
    • "During our cooperation, Tijana played an active role in the internal brand launch, setting up a North American brand team for Metso’s Automation business line. In addition to the branding, she has impressed me with her capabilities in e-marketing, where she has developed an efficient solution for product marketing, which has provided measurable results. Tijana is an active, dedicated, development-minded strategist who sets high standards for her work and expected results. At the same time, she is a true team-player who gets along with different types of people and can attract them to work for the common goal. I recommend Tijana for branding, e-marketing or marketing in general."

      Kati Renvall VP, Group Communications, Metso Corporation
    • "Tijana has quickly changed our ability to manage and distribute information to our potential and existing clientele via targeted e-marketing strategy management. The results we’ve experienced are quickly quantifiable and are always clearly presented. Tijana is constantly providing input and ideas that help us move forward with confidence. She is a kind, creative partner that we value highly."

      Richard Carvlin General Manager, gloATL
    • "Tijana has proven for me to be the best collaborator especially when innovation and creativity comes to play a key role in business growth. Her approach to art in association with a great sense of understanding a person's need, allowed us to focus on developing a unique communication language. I strongly recommend her expertise to anyone."

      Fabien Prioville Artistic Director at fabien prioville dance company
    • "We have used a fantastic marketing consultant, Tijana L, who has been helping me transform Out of Hand’s marketing approach. She is very skilled in e-marketing design, analysis, strategy and implementation. She has been an amazing resource for me. Highly recommended."

      Adam Fristoe Co-Artistic Director, Out of Hand
    • "It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Tijana Lehtikoski, as her work has been exemplary, always timely and always displaying the correct amount of information for the audience. While Tijana is easily familiar with technical products and concepts, she is able to translate her knowledge into a working model of information for suiting both technical and non-technical needs. Tijana is a consummate team player, an avid communicator and a tireless force in bringing news of change and innovation to the marketplace. Her unique combination of personal and technical skills brings a renewed perspective to every project she masters."

      Greg Campbell Director, Metso Automation